Throwback Thursday

Ok, so I finally have the schedule up for when I’ll be posting videos.  You can find the schedule on a new page, which I’ve added at the top of the site.

Back to today, for our first week of Throwback Thursday, I decided not to go WAY back, instead opting for the 90’s.  I’ve always loved this song.  It was huge back in the day, but it hasn’t carried the radio play over that some of the other songs from its day have.  I never really understood that.  I mean, it’s a far better song than stuff like “How Bizarre”, but I digress.  Here is The Verve Pipe with “The Freshmen” (regardless of what this video thinks the song is called).


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I'm an every man who likes to rant. So I thought, why not give people a chance to read some of them. I'll try to post occasional music videos and other things that interest me, as well.
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