As the title alludes to, the past few weeks have been particularly stressful for me.  Part of that stems from the hustle and bustle of dealing with the holidays and the traveling that comes along with that, but a big part of it is rooted much deeper than that.  You see, the steps I’ve been taking to help others haven’t resulted in pure sunshine and rainbows, as it might seem.  There are in fact negative consequences in doing the right thing.  In no way am I implying that they make it not worth it, but the cumulative effects of these can take their toll on you.

Coming to grips with this has been eye-opening for me.  I had always believed that the reason people don’t like to help others is their own selfishness.  And while I still tend to believe that is the primary reason, I’ve come to accept that maybe humanity isn’t as hopeless as I always tend to think it is.  Maybe people just can’t handle the burden that comes along with putting others before themselves, and it’s not just that they only care about themselves.

And this is why I realized I must persevere!  There are others out there that are struggling and hurting more than I am.  I believe that I’m built to withstand this weight that I’m carrying, and that great rewards will come from my trials.  By taking these things on, it has helped me to form relationships that I never would have had the chance to had I merely remained an onlooker.  It’s also allowed me to put my life into perspective and minimalize my own problems.

So in the coming weeks, if it feels like helping to carry others when they can’t do it themselves seems like more than you can handle, fight on!  You may be making all of the difference in the world to someone without realizing it!  Keep positive and keep yourself surrounded by people who will encourage you and keep you focused when you are struggling, and you can overcome anything!


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