A Drop In The Ocean

I started this blog with such immeasurably low expectations that even the most minuscule of accomplishments is greatly appreciated.  I never intended to rival Perez Hilton or the like in the blogosphere.  This site exists purely because friends of mine (strangely enough) were interested in hearing (reading) what I had to think.  I had no desire to rack up page views or have one of my posts put up on someone’s Twitter, but as this process has unfolded, a strange shift in my perception has come along with it.  Though I treat this space as barely more than a virtual diary and a way to share music I enjoy with others, it does bring a certain joy to my soul to know that other people are interested in what I’m saying (some enough to click the like button).  And while I’m not naive enough to overlook that some (most?) of those are aimed at creating cross-traffic to their own blog more so than an interest in my writing, it’s uplifting to know that there are people out there that genuinely appreciate what I do.  If nothing else, it has caused me to realize that we have the potential to impact people we would ordinarily never meet in our lifetimes through something as simple as our thoughts, and that’s a pretty exciting idea to me.


About mandmeisterx

I'm an every man who likes to rant. So I thought, why not give people a chance to read some of them. I'll try to post occasional music videos and other things that interest me, as well.
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